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Natural Rooibos tea there is so much more than just a cup of tea. In story format, we tell you about what we learned and experienced about Rooibos.

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Natural Rooibos Tea -news weren't journalists, but it is what we do, so why not share some of that here?

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Natural Rooibos Tea is such a healthy ingredient that can be inserted in many recipes.

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Natural Rooibos Tea. Three products. Loose Leaf. Teabags. Rooibos for Horses.

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Kookfontein farm Graafwater

Red tea, scientifically known as Aspalathus linearis, is a shrub from the Leguminosae family.

With needle-like leaves, this leguminous plant thrives on the mountain slopes of the Western Cape Province.

While it has been a staple for centuries in this region, its popularity is extending to Europe and Asia, captivating tea enthusiasts worldwide.

Kookfontein farm Graafwater
Kookfontein farm Graafwater

Natural Rooibos tea is typically brewed much like black tea, often enjoyed plain or with a splash of milk, and optionally sweetened with sugar or honey.

For a twist, some prefer adding a slice of lemon or using honey for sweetness instead of sugar.

Beyond traditional brewing, Rooibos can also be savoured as espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, or refreshing iced tea

When freshly harvested, natural rooibos tea boasts a significant amount of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which diminishes during tea-making.

Unlike black or green tea, rooibos is caffeine-free and has minimal tannin levels.

Rich in polyphenols such as flavanols, flavones, and flavanones, it also contains unique compounds like aspalathin and nothofagin.

Additionally, the processed leaves and stems harbour benzoic and cinnamic acids.

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Rooibos Production cycle collecting seed

Our Story

Welcome to Kookfontien Rooibos, we are Norman and Karin, and this is the place we call home, You will find our little abode in the middle of nowhere at the end of a dirt road.

Those visiting us for the first time feel like travelling on a forever gravel road.  Once they arrive here, the beauty of the surroundings surpasses the road's hardship.

We are living in a house built in 1904 since 2008, this is our online version of our offline experience. We are both passionate about nature and the history of the West Coast of South Africa"

We embarked on a journey from the bustling city to the serene countryside, carrying only a handful of cherished possessions and a heart full of hope. Zero-farming experience or knowledge about farm life and wow we were in for a ride sometimes a joyride of a lifetime and sometimes the wheels got off before we knew what happened.

We only have natural Rooibos tea. As small farmers it is what we can bring to the table.

Most of us growing up somewhere in South Africa, will sometimes learn about Rooibos as a hot beverage and occasionally it will be served as iced tea. But on the farm, we learn natural Rooibos tea can be an added ingredient in many recipes.

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