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Warm Stories about Rooibos Ice Tea. Its hot and cold.

Rooibos for Kids

I remember quite clearly when I was little, I wasn’t allowed to drink coffee. Zilch. And having parents who drank coffee almost ten times a day, baffled me as to why I can’t drink coffee. Until I got older and saw the HECTIC behaviour of children consuming anything caffeine related.

t literally was a war zone, with only three kids scattered everywhere, every second.
And the worst part is, they refused to drink water, and always targeted the – high in caffeine drinks.

The trouble of hyper kids, went on for days until me and my friends had a get-together, and thought hard about something that the kids would love and also is healthy.

After a lot of debate and consideration, it hit us. ICE TEA!
It’s delicious, healthy and doesn’t contain any caffeine. Reminders of when I was little hit me, and I remembered how much I loved Rooibos Ice Tea.

So we gathered recipes and ingredients to add and to be honest all of them were tasty but the traditional, honey and lemon Ice Tea hit the best. Even if you’re on a diet, it’ll be the best drink to have.

All you have to do to create a delicious Ice tea is, brew the Rooibos or add Rooibos tea bags to warm water. Add preferred ingredients and let it cool down in the fridge.
Sometimes a dash of vanilla essence makes the tea so tasty, you wouldn’t be able to stop.

As Rooibos Ice Tea was actually made for the kids, elderly people also loved Rooibos Ice Tea and it became a regular consumption everywhere.

You would never make a mistake by making Rooibos Ice Tea. It’s literally for any occasion.

Our Personal favourite Ice Teas

We let you peek into our favourite Ice Tea Recipes

For all the following Ice teas we use Loose Leave Rooibos.

We very seldom have any other cold drinks except for water. When we make Ice Tea it is always in large volumes – 5 even more if we have visitors

Our Basic Ice Tea Recipe

  1. Natural Kookfontein Loose leave Rooibos
  2. Freshwater
  3. 100ml Rooibos leaves
  4. Pot for boiling
  5. Add water and Rooibos let it boil for 5 -8 min
  6. Make sure that it cools off completely before putting it in the refrigerator.

Note: We personally do not add any flavours at this stage.  We usually will store the Rooibos in 5 Liter bottles. Making daily 1 litre at a time. We like to make different Ice Teas.

Remember to add the Rooibos leaves to your garden as Mulch or to your compost.  Your plants will thank you.

The extremely difficult decisions

Going with the flow not an option

We had a real hard time figuring out what we want to do.

Not that it is hard to get the Rooibos in teabags or packaged.

The process is simply. Load the Rooibos in 20kg bags on the “bakkie” pickup and deliver it to the packaging company. One bag yields about 8000 single-serving tea bags.

Depending on the orders of the company we need to wait a day or ten. Then pick up the teabags for us to pack it for the market and if it is standard the company will do that on our behalf at additional cost.

Taking in consideration that we are a extremely small business in a market filled with decade old large established companies. We are complete aware of the challenge that we have taken on.

However, we still believe that we can supply our clients with a high-quality product at a reasonable price with little waste.

Yes, it is possible as the main factor of any product price depends on two factors

1) Packaging and

2) Transportation

3) The middleman  ( This is the person buying the bulk repackage and push all the cost down to the consumer)

Values and Sentiment

Living on a Farm

Is truly more than just a place to stay.

Yes, although we did not choose to live here initially other than for health problems we are extremely grateful every time have learned something to be more appreciative of what have.

Living on a farm we experience the full-blown effect of waste in ways that we never knew existed whilst living in the city.

On the farm, you have to deal with the waste. In the city, you just need to push it outside your gates, once a week and someone else will deal with it on your behalf. We never thought about what is really happening to all that waste.

We remember that we too have been annoyed with the streetwalkers collecting different “waste” products to earn some money.  But let me tell you something, sometimes I wish one of them will come to the farm in search of items in our waste.

Seeking an alternative to reduce

our own waste, we have to change the way to buy many of our own products. During the 14 years on the farm, buying was one of the major changes for us to eliminate or reduce waste and costs.

With this in mind, and knowing that the best Rooibos is loose leaves we promote our Natural Rooibos Leaves in bulk as our continuous and first product.

However, we soon discovered the market is not yet ready for the switch to healthy and loose leave. yet we notice after covid a change in more enquiries about HEALTH products.

The Future as we see it

Sooner rather than later

Natural loose leave Rooibos will soon return to being THE beverage as it is locally produced. It will naturally be more affordable than any other imported beverage. In the current high cost of living environment we experience.

Not only is Rooibos local produce, but it also has multiple health benefits and is environment-friendly – no part of rooibos is wasted.

After you enjoyed your hot beverage you can cool it down by using it to make ice tea.

The leaves are good for mulch and or compost.

Rooibos Harvest

Old Farm Kitchen with Rooibos Brewing

Rooibos Harvest

An Idea of Ancient methods of brewing Rooibos

The journey continues

Wholesale Bulk Rooibos

  • NO WASTE  Bulk – 20kg or 10kg Loose Leave Rooibos.
  • RE-USEABLE PACKAGE – Packed in eco-friendly 250g  – 1Kg – 2Kg – 5Kg

It is by far the best option. We do not expect you to consume all the Rooibos by yourself but encourage you to band together with your friends on the “No Waste” journey with us.

Most people are well connected with neighbours via “WhatsApp” groups and friends.

Buy one bag and share the costs a true win-win for everyone. Why pay more for waste? Rather pay more for valuable produce.

Do not get us wrong packing is needed to ensure uncontaminated products are delivered to the consumers.

We are determined to find a way to reduce waste.

Watch out for our new products. We have found a solution!

Although we are now focussing on delivering our natural Rooibos straight from the farm to your teapot, we are still “just a couple” living on a farm.

Remember to support us by sharing this post with your friends.

While we are writing the next blog post, enjoy your Rooibos, and stay healthy.

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